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Chorus-Sp24: Youth Chorus Ensemble - Spring 2024

Lift your voices in harmony with our Chorus Ensemble! Scheduled for the evenings to accommodate busy schedules, our chorus class meets from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, and concludes with a celebratory concert. This class is an excellent opportunity for vocalist to refine their singing skills, learn a diverse repertoire, and experience the joy of choral singing.

Participants will engage in vocal exercises, group rehearsals, and develop a sense of musical camaraderie as they prepare for the final performance. The concert will be a showcase, providing students with a platform to share their passion for music with friends, family and the community.

Please email us with student's: name, age, and experience (if any) to
Skill Level:
Instructor Name:
Gil Flores
Instructor Bio:
Gil has been a music educator for well over 25 years. Beginning while in high school Gil helped his class mates play instruments like trumpet and piano. Then while attending Western Connecticut State University, where he was working on attaining his BA in Music Education, he began teaching at a local music shops around CT where he honed his teaching skills while also working part time in the store. After, Gil returned home where he found a job teaching and working full time in Westport at another local music shop. He joined his first cover band, Gargamel, where he still sings lead, while also covering the keyboard and secondary guitar parts. He had a short stint with a big corporate music store in New Haven. Gil has also had a job as a DJ working for a company doing weddings, corporate events, parties and marathons, and now does it on his own, as a separate enterprise, G-Flo Entertainment. He then returned back to the music business as a manager and teacher at The Music Score. After a while, the owner at the time would offer the store to Gil and his expanding family, and they most graciously decided to take on the challenge. To which he is found today: repairing a variety of instruments including: Band & Orchestra, Guitars & Basses, the occasional culturally diverse instruments, as well as pianos, and many more. He also teaches most of the instruments offered and now the new homeschooling classes and workshops, while also running the retail side of everything. He's a devoted husband and father of three.

Chorus-Sp24: Youth Chorus Ensemble - Spring 2024

$ 25.00
per student

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