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Here's what to do to get the consignment process started.

  1. Take as many high quality pictures as you can:
    • Full front
    • Badges (anything that has the Name Brand)
    • The model and serial number (usually found inside on the harp near the tuning pins)
    • The hammers (more importantly the striking end)
    • and if possible the sound board (on uprights you might have to pull it away from the wall).
    • Also any major blemishes you want to let us know about. We are able to fix most blemishes or gashes)
  2. Email Info:
    • Send the pictures, your contact information, any personal or pertinent information about the piano, and where the piano is currently located; and email them to
  3. Once received:
    • You will automatically get an email confirmation saying that your email was received and you will be contacted if we are interested and have available room on the showroom floor.
  4. If accepted:
    • We will contact you to setup a time to take a closer inspection and arrange a pick-up date to take the piano back to the shop. We will also have a consignment agreement with all the information on what to expect next as we find your piano a new home.


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